Occupational Pain

What is occupational pain and how do we deal with it. To understand occupational pain we need to understand the importance of engaging in our everyday living tasks to their fullest potential. When we sustain an injury or other circumstances that can cause or contribute to pain we tend to limit or totally withdraw from our everyday lives. Initially we have to do this to allow the body to heal but psychologically our minds start to learn this sensation of pain which limits our occupations.

It is at this point that we get stuck in a daily cycle of limiting our occupations and the power the pain has over our mind, body and soul grows tremendously. This is when occupational pain in many people’s mind becomes a disabling part of our everyday. Yet if we can identify and control occupational pain we can then use the power of occupation to overcome the pain whether psychological or physical in our daily lives.

We must explore the causes and link them in context to our internal factors in order to understand how our environment may drive our own perceptions. Medications are often prescribed but only mask the ability to do this but in some cases are helpful none the less to achieve the level of thinking needed to overcome occupational pain. Over the next few months we will provide glimpses into this concept.

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